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Ape Vulture

The bizarre and elusive ape vulture resides in the heart of a great swamp hidden beneath the shadows of ancient trees. Like buzzards and other avian scavengers, it lives partially on a diet of carrion. However, it is omnivorous, and will consume fungi, mosses, and algae that occasionally accumulates on its long fur. Instead of wings, the ape vulture has evolved strong, flat arms to swim, run across the ground and hoist itself into trees. The beast has poor eyesight, and relies on its acute sense of smell for food, and good hearing to detect threats. Its beak is powerful and sharp around the edges, allowing it to scrape morsels of meat off of bones, and rip through thick vines to use in the making of large nests. Ape vultures are intelligent and social creatures, often working in groups to construct complex structures within the trees.